IMTC Faculty

Maribeth Gandy Coleman, PhD

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Dr. Maribeth Gandy is the Director of IMTC as well as the Associate Director of Interactive Media for the Institute for People and Technology. She does research in the areas of augmented reality, mobile computing, and HCI. She is a computer scientist who is interested in not only building interesting mobile applications, accessible interfaces, and AR experiences but in bringing HCI techniques for design and evaluation into these domains.

Rob Solomon

Research Technician II
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Ed Price

Director of Research Partnerships and Development
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Ed Price is the Director Research Partnerships and Development for the Institute for People and Technology (IPaT) and the former Research Director of the Interactive Media Technology Center at Georgia Tech. Ed is one of the founders of the Center, starting there as a student at its inception in 1989. Ed holds a number of patents in phonetic audio search and in telemedicine networks and is the co-inventor of the fundamental technology behind Nexidia, a successful speech search company.

Jeremy Johnson

Research Scientist
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Jeremy Johnson is a Research Scientist with the Interactive Media Technology Center (IMTC), where he has been working since 1999. Jeremy’s interests include ubiquitous computing, augmented reality, human-computer interaction, computer audio, sound design and creative applications of computing to the arts. At IMTC he contributes his skill as a software engineer to guide software development projects through the full software life cycle, from requirements gathering to deployment.

Brian D Jones

Senior Research Scientist
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Brian D. Jones is a Senior Research Engineer at IMTC and Director of the Aware Home Research Initiative (AHRI). As Director of the Aware Home Research Initiative, Mr. Jones is working to bring new investment and new technology into the Aware Home facility to provide exciting cutting-edge infrastructure for Georgia Tech faculty and students interested in researching a variety of applications in the home. He has joined with other research faculty at Georgia Tech to form the Design and Technology for Healthy Aging (DATHA) initiative.

Tiffany O'Quinn

Research Associate II
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Tiffany O’Quinn is a Research Associate II serving as Art Director for the Interactive Media Technology Center (IMTC) at the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech).

Peter Presti

Research Scientist
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Peter Presti is a hardware and software engineer.

Scott Robertson

Senior Research Scientist
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Scott Robertson has been a Research Scientist at the Interactive Media Technology Center since obtaining his Masters in Computer Science from Georgia Tech in 1994. During his career at IMTC, he has developed expertise in several areas of research including real time 3D graphics simulation, computational photography and high dynamic range imaging (HDRI), motion capture and animation, CMS-based web application deployment and mobile and general software engineering and applied research and development.

Mary Simmons

Administrative Coordinator
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Ms. Simmons is the Administrative Coordinator to the Biomedical Interactive Technology Center and the Interactive Media Technology Center at Georgia Tech.

Jeff Wilson

Research Scientist
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Jeff Wilson is a Research Scientist in the Interactive Media Technology Center.