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Am I Stressed?

Wouldn’t it be great if your computer knew when you were stressed? I am sure you can think of a few use cases where this could be helpful. My current favorite one is that my smartphone figures out that I am stressed and offers to play a clip of my twin daughters laughing uncontrollably at each other from when they were ten months old.

Is My Heart Rate Tracker Accurate?

On January 5, 2016, wearable maker Fitbit Inc. was hit with a class-action lawsuit regarding the accuracy of two of their heart rate trackers - the Fitbit Charge Heart Rate (HR) and the Fitbit Surge. If you are a proud owner of one of the over 20 million devices (not all of which are heart rate trackers) that Fitbit has sold to date, this news will probably make you wonder if your heart rate tracker is telling you the truth about your heart rate.